About Us

JKCulture is a unique store specializing in cultural art design. JKCulture is passionate about keeping culture and values strong in our communities. As a society we need constant reminders of where we come from,  of our heritage and especially now that so many of us live far from our home lands and family. JKCulture is all about designing and interpreting  stories  from the image  and sharing these designs with the world.

The founders of JKCulture are Jacob (pictured) and Anna.
Jacob (with an aboriginal heritage) is a 17 year old high school student and designer who began his artistic journey from a love of aesthetic, traditional patterns. Jacob is also an aspiring athlete and tattooist. All the designs are hand drawn by Jacob with his interpretation, heart and spirit. 
Anna, Jacob's mother is the organizer and the person behind the scenes, her role is everything non design! Anna, Jacob and their family have lived and experienced different cultures in different states around Australia, from capital cities to remote mining towns to islands and they have visited many Pacific and Asian countries. The love of pattern, design, and culture captured Jacob's heart to express his impressions and share with you.
Together the dream of JKCulture began, focusing on Aboriginal, Maori and Polynesian designs- each design is an interpretation and is designed with spirit and heart. All designs are unique and hand drawn before being digitized and ready to print onto apparel.